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National EMS Academy

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What Comes in the Box?


croppedkit2-01.jpgYour National EMS Academy kit comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can rest assured your equipment will hold up not only through school but throughout your career. The complete diagnostic kit contains: Our CMS Cardiology Stethoscope II which provides for optimal sound transmission along with an anatomically designed headset. Designed to accentuate high frequency sounds, this is a full range cardiology/pulmonary unit. Comes with additional soft sealing ear tips. - Blood-Pressure Cuff Premium inflation system for comfort. Certified. Lifetime calibration guarantee. Latex-free. Comes with adult durable cuff and nylon zipper case. - PenLight White LED light for true tissue color rendition. Durable steel construction and long battery life. - Anti-Fog Safety Glasses With clear frames and lenses these anti-fog safety glasses are also light weight, comfortable and latex-free. - Safety Shears Perfect for quickly and safely cutting material, ropes and straps. Black handle, 5.5" long shears. These shears have a dull point and a bottom surface that makes them safe against the skin and is the perfect tool addition in your kit. A pocket size CPR mouth barrier has a transparent dome and completely seals to the faces of infants, children, and adults. Re-usable, easy to clean mask comes with replaceable one way valve with filter. Comes in hard case and includes one pair of gloves and two antimicrobial wipes . You will also receive a 5 point release Reflective vest 

At CMS, we know how important it is to have high quality equipment at the best possible price. This is why we stand by our products with a lifetime guarantee and the reasons our products ship from right here in the USA. -We thank you for your business and putting your trust in us here at College Medical Supplies.



There are 5 review(s) for National EMS Academy

  • Awesome.

    I am impress with the quality of the product. Everything came in on time. The vest is the perfect fit. The product overall is just awesome.

    1st May 2017

  • National EMS Academy Gear

    I am impressed with the product overall. The quality of the stethoscope is great as is the blood pressure cuff. I checked my wife's and two kids against a digital one I have in house and it is very accurate.
    My only complaint is the safety vest is way too small. I'm not sure how it measures out as a 2XL...perhaps a European 2XL. Other than that though, it seems to be great quality gear to get me on my way.

    28th Mar 2016

  • diagnostic kit

    Great experience with the kit there was nothing missing from it

    25th Dec 2015

  • great

    The kit came in on time and absolutely love it.

    3rd Apr 2015

  • perfect!

    Everything my son needed for his EMT course was in this box! Everything looked great and shipped out really fast!

    11th Aug 2014