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College Medical Supplies, created by educators for the benefit of colleges and students.

College Medical Supplies started with simply two goals:

  1. Provide exquisite medical equipment, keeping student budgets in mind.
  2. Easing the burden of educators, streamlining procurement of quality equipment for students.

Students: We experienced life of a student budget, we get it. Having the ability to contribute to future students, means we have the responsibility to contribute to their success. Consistently delivering high quality instuments with lifetime warranty, College Medical Supplies appreciates this humbling opportunity.

Educators: Few quality equipment options are available to college bookstores, often priced above student budgets. Witnessing students return with items from their equipment list, seldom the proper tools to deliver quality diagnostic readings or hold together long enough to make it to finals. Conversely, students arriving on day one with equipment far too expensive considering their rookie skill set. Solutions from College Medical Supplies provide both Educators and Students quality tools on a student budget, with custom touches.

College Medical Supplies- Exquisite medical equipment on a student budget.